Marine Life

We can offer you an exclusive experience: camping in the National Park, going to unique dive sites in very small groups, island hopping and visiting amazing beaches. We love adventure and by joining us, you will certainly feel it.

A typical day trip program includes food which is home cooked by our staff, offering different Southern Thailand recipes as a part of our local experience. Normally we take lunch on a secluded paradise beach all to ourselves.

At our dive center, we love to enjoy diving as a family. Our staff can find solutions to any of your specific needs. We like to be flexible, and adapt our services to you.

Some of the best spots on the archipelago are just in front (less than 10 minutes navigation to Stonehenge, Koh Talang and Koh Kra, around 20 to 7 rocks and Koh Hinru).

In Stonehenge you will found awesome rock formations covered with soft corals creating an astonishing garden between 20 and 5m. Sea horses, stonefishes, sea moth and big schools of barracudas are commonly spotted here.

The diversity of the habitats founded around Talang island is extraordinary. From a sandy path spotted with coral-rock formations here and there, to a green garden in deep waters with some sea horses and ghost pipe fishes to a drift are near a cliff full of boulders and hard corals.

One of the best visibility on the archipelago and lots of surprises awaits for you in 7 rocks. Dozens of nudibranchs, astonishing king mackerels and barracudas use it as a hunting area. And the strong movements of water on the area will test your drift dive skills.

Ko Hinru is a rocky small island in the north east of the archipelago. You will normally find clear waters and diversity of habitats. The lion fishes, mantis shrimps and bamboo sharks are easy to spot here. The condition of the reef is optimal and the existence of very protected and shallow areas combined with medium deep waters and nice drifts makes it a place nice and interesting for all levels from Open Water.

We don’t hesitate to go dive 8 miles rock when the weather conditions and the moon phase are the right one’s. This is a pinnacle coming up from 40m to 16m on the top. Huge groupers, massive schools of jacks and trevallies, bad fishes or super sized barracudas are common here. Nurse sharks or leopards, mantas and other big stuff are spotted several times per year.Ko Yang

Adang Big Rocks is also called The Channel or The Highway. No need to mention this is The drift spot around, 10mn away from Ko Yang. Huge rock blocks will hide many life such as nurse shark, turtles sometimes, and the gorgonian seafans looks very healthy.

Koh Adang Long Beach, less than 45mn away, has one of the best sandy patch for all confined water session, ideal to practice your skills and get ready for open water dives. The small reef next to it is ideal for discovery dives. Many reef fishes and morays makes it a very fun introduction to diving.

Long Beach is already busy with other centers? Nevermind, 5mn further stands Beach num. 4 which offers a kind of very protected small VIP training ground. Also close to Adang Big Rocks, it’s very easy to get some depth and see various marine life like turtles, many kind of nudibranchs.

Ko Sawang, Ko Peung, Sail Rock in Koh Dong, Lipe Corner, and Pakasem Rock are other spots familiar for us.